Friday, May 14, 2010

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Some Instant Message conversations I've had recently:


Jeff: So I just wrote out a couple of methods in code. 20+ lines or so each. Not crazy stuff.
Jeff: I run the web app. Error on line 1.
Jeff: I fix the error, run it again. Error on line 2.
Jeff: Then, error on line 3.
I actually nightmare'd about this little guy when I was a kidJeff: The pattern held for a distressingly long time.
Jeff: I have just gotten to the end of the method with apparent success.
Jeff: I feel like a climbed a mountain.
iCanSpell: Oh! Like that mountain climbing yodeling guy on the Price is Right!
Jeff: Exactly.
Jeff: Thin, nerdy, and eventually falls off.


Jeff: As I was walking in to work, there was a little bit of rain and many high winds.
Jeff: My umbrella turned inside out.
P-Ziddy: Awesome!
Jeff: That exact moment, somebody walking the other direction pointed and laughed.
Mockery made simpleJeff: And I thought, "Am I in a Simpsons cartoon?"
Jeff: "G'morning Nelson." "HA HA!"
P-Ziddy: And once more, the blog writes itself
Jeff: Quite so.
P-Ziddy: No creativity on your part is required
Jeff: There ya go.


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous iCanSpell said...

Oh! I'm Internet famous! Well, not really.. how many readers do you have?

Incidentally, after that conversation, I had the yodeling guy's yodel trapped in my head for several hours. Maddening.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Aidan's Daddy said...

Did you happen to watch the Colbert Report video where they used the mountain climber from TPIR to represent Glenn Beck? Funny stuff, right there :)


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