Friday, April 23, 2010

Improv: Yes, And...

I read a book on Improv Comedy. One of the comedy exercises it described was called, "Yes, and..." Here's how it works.

One person makes a positive statement. "It was a beautiful day out today." The next person has to build on that with a statement that begins with "Yes, and...".

"Yes, and we all went out for a picnic." Eventually, somebody must introduce conflict into the scene. "Yes, and those storm clouds moved in very quickly." "Yes, and the sinkhole was tough to climb back out of." "Yes, and the pack of wild dogs was most unexpected." And so on.

Will Glow: Dressed and ready to go to workMontgomery Scat: Armed and ready to go to workI decided to create a couple of characters and have them do a "yes and" conversation. Up first is Will Glow, a cheerful elderly half-senile lava-lamp salesmen. His buddy in the conversation is a bitter middle-aged pet store owner named Montgomery Scat. They are discussing changes to mall security.

(Amusing note: When I brought up Google images the first search I typed in was, "Grinning Old Man". On the second page of results was a picture of Susan Boyle. Ouch!)


M. Scat: Well, I hear the security guard is getting a raise.

W. Glow: Yep, and I heard he's gettin' an unstained uniform, too!

M. Scat: (rolling his eyes) Yes, and now he'll be just as frightening to thieves as one of my toy Pekingese.

W. Glow: (grinning happily) Yep, *and* they're gonna get him some working batteries for his flashlight!

M. Scat: Yes, and then he'll be as lit up as one of your lamps.

W. Glow: (nodding seriously) Yeah, and my customers will appreciate the extra glare.

M. Scat: Yes, and doesn't it worry you that the mall only has one security guard, a high-school dropout who thinks he's in a video game?

Voidwalker. Seriously.W. Glow: (sadly) Yeah, and I worry all the time that the Voidwalkers over in Sharper Image are gonna get him some day.

M. Scat: Yes, and ... wait. What? Voidwalkers? Seriously?

W. Glow: Yep, and I can't imagine goin' up against them with just a pistol.

M. Scat: Yes... and... uh... I think I'd rather be cleaning up Pekingese poop right about now. Have a nice day, Mr. Glow.

W. Glow: Yes, and have we met?



While thinking about the "Montgomery Scat" character, an idea popped into my head for an album cover:


At 9:11 AM, Blogger MetaCow said...

Will Glow is creepy.

At 9:40 AM, Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...

I didn't realize what cartoon character I was copying when I grabbed that pic. P-Ziddy has educated me. Ah, the blissful veil of ignorance... I miss thee.



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