Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Department Lunch

Our demands are simpleMy fellow web programmers and I went to lunch last week. Olive Garden, of course. It's always interesting to see how much trouble our waiter has with our order. "Look, we all just want the soup / salad / bread thing, OK?" "Uh... OK... so that's... seven soup... eighteen salad... and you only wanted bread, right?"

I'm *still* waiting for my soup refill. Poor guy got confused and tried to bring me some bok choy instead. Sad, really.

Anyway, despite our efforts at conformity, LadyPatsFan felt the need to stand out. She ordered a diet soda while the rest of chose water.

OK, I admit I have a drinking problem"I can't drink water," LadyPatsFan confessed. "It gives me indigestion."

There was a moment of silence as we all considered this. Then, I spoke up. "I think you're doing it wrong."

I honestly didn't think it would get a big laugh, but Big Dawg nearly fell out of his chair.

Later, a salad bowl was passed around. OoRah, our former Marine, loaded up the salad tongs. When he released, the lettuce happily jumped off to the side and landed next to his plate. Not so much as a single croûton landed where it was supposed to.

Who *wouldn't* prefer grenades to this?"I can see you prefer grenades to rifles," I quipped.

We nearly lost Merrick. He was laughing, chewing and choking. He actually turned a little blue before he got it all under control again.

Out of respect for sentient life, I remained silent for the rest of the meal.


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