Friday, March 19, 2010

The Wrong House?

My grandparents recently traveled from Oklahoma up to Missouri to attend a great-granddaughter's wedding.

Aw :)HOW COOL IS THAT? Seriously... a great-granddaughter's wedding. That's amazing!

Anyway, they drove up to Missouri to meet up with my Aunt (their oldest daughter). The fun started when my Aunt called my mom and dad.

"Mom and Pop aren't here yet," she said. "Do you know where they are?"

My parents reassured her, "They should be arriving any time now. No, they haven't called us. Yes, I'm sure everything's fine."

15 minutes later, my grandparents called. "We're in Missouri, we've made it to your sister's house, but no one's home." "Well, why didn't you call her?" "Oh, I don't have her number."

I can't see how I'm doing anything wrong hereWell, you've traveling across state lines to visit somebody... why would you need their phone number? "Did you knock on her door?" "Yeah, coupla' times." "OK, we'll call her."

Dad called my Aunt. "They say you're not home." "What?" There was a little back n' forth, which eventually concluded with, "Go out and see whose driveway they're parked in."

C'mon, validate my existence!My Aunt walked outside. My grandparents were sitting there in her driveway. They'd been sitting there for the past 20 minutes, just waiting to be noticed.

Can you just imagine the excuse they nearly had to give? "Sorry, but we missed your wedding because we accidentally drove to the right house."


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