Wednesday, March 17, 2010

True Love

Ah, young loveMy oldest nephew is 10 and he's in love. For purposes of this story I'll call them Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo had been telling his mom and gramma about Juliet for weeks. "She's my girlfriend!", he'd happily shout. Daily.

My sister was out shopping before Valentine's Day and saw a cute little "Be Mine" teddy bear. She bought it so that Romeo could give it to his sweet Juliet.

Valentine's Day came and went. Romeo hopped into the car after school that day and was asked, "Did you give Juliet her bear?" "Yeah!", he shouted, thrilled. "I think she might actually like me now!"

Have we met?This was unexpected. "I thought she was your girlfriend?" "Well, I like her, but she didn't really know who I was."

Ah, Valentine's Day. A day for a young man to finally introduce himself to his long-time girlfriend.

About a week later, my sister was talking to him and asked, "So how are things with you and Juliet?" "Great!", he said, grinning wildly. "She wrote me a note!"

He took a folded-up piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to her. It said, in cute flowery girl-writing, "I hate Romeo."

Try to hold my hand again at your own riskMy sister blinked. "Uh, ... do you ... know what this says?"

"Yup!", he replied. "She hates you?" "Yeah, but she wrote me a note!"

Truly, his glass is half-full.


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Like uncle, like nephew. You should be proud.

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