Friday, March 12, 2010

Hammer Time?

Driving down the road, we saw a guy with a large trailer pulled over in the grass off to the side. It had big metal wheel wells, like in the picture below.


The metal wheel well cover wasn't the most noticeable thing about the spectacle, however. Far more obvious was the fact that both wheels were gone. Not flat... *gone*. The bare axles were in contact with the ground.

This is embarrassing... could you avert your eyes, please?

Even that wasn't the first thing I noticed, though. The guy swinging a hammer with both hands over his head was really hard to miss.

Move along... nothing to see here...

The guy was swinging a large hammer over his head, and bringing it down on the *top* of the wheel well. Because of traffic, we wound up parked next to him for almost a full minute. He just kept slowly hefting the mallet, then he'd slowly swing and "bonk!". As far as I could tell, he never even dented the top of the wheel well.

I rolled my window down waved to him. "You know, you can't make tires appear with a hammer."

He just waved and went back to work. "Bonk!"

Hey, I'm no mechanic. Maybe he knows something I don't.


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