Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad Librarian, OKC LEGO, Perfectionists

My wife was at the library. The library lady there was trying help some poor fool find a book. "I need something I can read to my 2-year-old," the dummy explained.

I had a mean joke here, but I removed it. :)They wandered the aisles a bit. Library-Lady picked out a couple of little books of the "See Spot Run" variety. The lady she was helping flipped some pages. She was not impressed.

"This book has too many words for a two-year-old," she complained.

Library Lady was puzzled. "The two-year-old isn't actually doing the reading, though. You're reading *to* him, right?"

The dummy-lady glared angrily at her, daring her to continue. The question, "Just who exactly is this too many words for?" lingered unspoken in the air.

Library-Lady took a deep breath. "Let's see what else we can find," she offered.

Of course, *I* would have asked the question. :) I guess I'd make a bad librarian.

This is from a while ago... Oklahoma City, made entirely of LEGO.

Very cool! I just wish there were more pictures.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, click into that story and then watch the video. The dorky kid at the beginning cracks me up.

This is from the book, "Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress", by Rita Emmett. It's a list titled, "Nineteen Ways To Stress Out A Perfectionist To The Point Of Madness". I've whittled it down to 10, because *I'm* a perfectionist and humor lists like this should always have 10 items. :)

10) Put empty cartons and bottles back into the fridge.
9) If someone is telling a joke and you've heard it before, wait until they're nearly finished and then shout out the punch line.
8) Take every opportunity to give the perfectionist advice.
7) Squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle. Never replace the cap.
6) Always be late.
5) Go to the movies with your perfectionist and just keep chatting.
4) Recognize your limitations. Then ignore them.
3) Recognize your perfectionist's limitations. Then tell him or her what they are.
2) Turn on and turn up all the appliances in any room you are in. Leave them on.
1) Never return anything you borrow.


At 10:02 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

Wow... that top 10 list just described one of my co-workers to a tee. Does this mean I have a perfectionist problem?

I just think the guy's an idiot, personally.


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