Friday, February 12, 2010

Pseudo Celeb Harry Potter, Toyota Top 5, Get Frosty

My wife and I were in the lobby at Olive Garden, waiting for our names to be called. A kid walked in who was a near-perfect match for an 11-year old Harry Potter. There was no lighting-scar and no magic wand, but if he'd even *started* the Avada Kedavra chant I was ready to leap through a window and out to safety.

Gotta love me!During the meal, there was a crashing sound as a waitress spilled a tray of food on some poor patron. I don't know if young Mr. Potter was involved, but I like to think so. Maybe she was distracted by his dashing good looks and tripped, or maybe the mischievous little scamp cast a fumble-foot spell on her as she walked by.

In any case, I didn't wear *my* dinner, so it was all good!

Top 5 things to do with your recalled Toyota

(would have been a top 10 list but I ran out of ideas)

1) Strap a rocket engine to it (you won't be able to stop then, either)
2) Fire up a drum kit in the backseat and sing "Can't Stop The Beat" as you zoom along.
3) Throw some Jamaicans in the back seat and head for the Olympic luge ramp... the Jamaican Bobsled Team is reborn!
4) Sign up to join the Easter Bunny's rapid candy delivery team.
5) Go onto Jay Leno's show and race on the Green Car Challenge track.

Months ago, my sister sent me this video. She said, "Why does this make me think of you? All your blogs about coffee & work I guess. Every time I see this commercial it makes me think of you!"

Personally, I love how one guy suggests it's coffee time and the whole office shuts down. Brilliant!



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