Monday, January 25, 2010

Brain Lapse

A day in the life of a Jeff.

My wife and I were in the kitchen, putting dinner together. She dumped some salad stuff in a bowl for me and asked, "Do you want croûtons?"

You've never seen me before.I stopped and blinked. "Croûtons," I thought. "Do I know that word?"

My wife stared at me, waiting for my response. "I think I should know what that word means," I said to myself.

I started to wrinkle my brow with the effort of cogitation. My bride tilted her head to one side, wondering what was wrong with me.

"Context," I thought, "That's what I need! What were we discussing? That will give me a clue."

We have never met.My wife cleared her throat and started to glare.

"Is a croûton animal, vegetable, or mineral?", I wondered.

Many strange moments passed. Then, it hit me. "Yes!", I shouted, desperately wishing I sounded normal. "I would like croûtons, please."

"Did you just forget what croûtons are?"

I am like unto a ghost"Yes. But it was only a quick lapse. No one ever has to know about this."

So, uh... let's just keep this between us, OK? Thanks.


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