Thursday, January 28, 2010


Remember the Noid? Ah, I miss the Noid...Like many, I have not been a fan of Domino's Pizza. Bad Pizza, many icky burpy, that sort of thing.

Well, Domino's has changed their pizza recipe, so I decided to give them another try.

Although it is slightly greasy, I can report that my first impression of the new Domino's pizza is WHOO-HOO YAY WHEE NOM NOM NOM. You can quote me on that.

As an added bonus, the D's in downtown Tulsa appears to now be staffed by actual intelligent friendly people, instead of the sloths and morons who've worked there the past three years. Granted, there were no future NASA engineers behind that counter, but complete sentences containing polysyllabic words were happening regularly. I was stunned.

I licked your anchoviesTheir main employee for the past several years has been a woman who so strongly resembles Jabba the Hut that I was always seriously tempted to take a picture for this blog. I'm not even sure she was capable of speech.

I kinda miss the visual oddity. Usually I have to look in a mirror if I want a visual oddity.


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