Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goons, Chickens, and Easter

My Personal Goon Squad

This story is better if you know the folks involved, but even so it should be at least moderately amusing. :)

I *am* the Goon SquadI commented (OK, whined) to my buddy P-Ziddy about the line of people waiting for me at my desk one day last week. I said, "I need my own Goon Squad." P-Ziddy suggested a private police force, but I insisted on Goons.

"I want bulky Neanderthals with more weapons than teeth. Verbal skills discouraged."

Without hesitation, P-Ziddy replied, "Sorry, Metacow isn't available."

Redneck Moment

I just need a good home, preferably with someone who really likes hamburgersOn our way to church one Sunday my wife and I drove past a house with a "Chickens for Sale" sign out front.

We could literally see cages of chickens in the front yard of the house. We don't go to church in Mayberry... this was just a standard city house.

"We could be real rednecks!", I shouted. "Whoo-whee! We got a chicken on the way to church today!"

I have no idea why she puts up with me. I wouldn't.

Easter Basket

In case you didn't notice, Easter's coming. Do your part to turn this into a crass consumer-driven gift giving holiday by picking up one of these for me:

I need at least three of theseYes, that's a Batman (ish) Easter Basket. More or less. And yes, it's a real product.

You have your assignment, people. Don't worry about me winding up with more than one of them, either. It would not be a burden. :)


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