Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who Touched It Last?

I'll touch *you* last, bum!Every programming job has them. The projects that didn't go well for any of a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the project didn't go well for LOTS of a variety of reasons. And no one wants to be the poor sucker who has to go back to that code and update it when changes are needed.

In moments like those, we resort to an age-old honor-based system of code ownership known as, "Who touched it last?"

Recently a group of us (The Golfer, LadyPatsFan, Big Dawg and I) were discussing some necessary changes to one of our more convoluted projects. Every time Big Dawg would make a suggestion, he was careful to mention *who* would do what he was suggesting, because "I don't wanna be the one who touched it last!"

Vision-Impaired web site visitors were brought up. LadyPatsFan started to talk about the programs used to read web content out loud. Then she paused. "I just volunteered, didn't I?" Big Dawg grinned. "I am not going to confess any knowledge of such programs." Everyone looked at me. "I don't even speak English," I shrugged.

Actually, I'm GermanBig Dawg grinned like a maniac and thrust a finger toward me. "Spanish site! He volunteered!"

Hm. That sounds like the kind of thing that no quiero tocar por último.


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