Monday, May 03, 2010

Emergency Preparedness

I think I just stepped on a trailer parkAt P-Ziddy's office, they had an emergency preparedness drill. The tornado alert went up and everybody was herded down to an old vault that no one knows the combination to ("Hooray, we survived the apocalypse, but now we're trapped in a vault!").

Shortly after the drill, the following email went out:

Subject: Shelter-On-Site Needs

Please let us know if you have any special needs that we should consider in our shelter-on-site planning.

Examples of such needs would be difficulty standing for extended periods of time (which may require a chair) or diabetes (which may require special emergency food storage).


Minutes later, one of P-Ziddy's more direct superiors sent him the following private reply:

I like to make sure my emergency preparedness has a head on it
Subject: FW: Shelter-On-Site Needs

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT list beer as a "special emergency food storage."

It's like they *know* him.

Although, as Big Dawg pointed out, if they *really* knew him they'd already be checking the Shelter-On-Site area for active brewing kegs.


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