Monday, April 26, 2010

A Conversation With A Marine

And now, for your enjoyment, a conversation with a stubborn marine.

I. Don't. Wanna.OoRah: "What do I need to do for [project]?"

Jeff: "Do it like this, [etc]"

OoRah: "But wouldn't it make more sense to... [etc]"

Jeff: "That doesn't matter. The job is to ... [and so on]"

OoRah: "But I've already done [progress report]"

Jeff: "That's nice. Undo it. They want [descriptive]."

(Sidebar... I'm giving orders to a marine. My time on this Earth is short.)

OoRah: "I think it would work better if...[etc]"

Jeff: "You are not the decision maker on this."

I *am* serious.OoRah: "But it's a good idea. Surely you see that."

Jeff: "I am not the decision maker on this, either. And don't call me Shirley."


At 10:15 AM, Anonymous P-Ziddy said...

Farewell an' adieu to you fair Spanish ladies...


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