Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parade Of Refills

My wife and I like McAlister's. It's an "in-between" place, where it's not fast food but you don't get your own waiter. When we need a refill, I usually have to carry glasses to the front and ask. This doesn't bother us any, it's just the way things work there.

Last time we went, we took Scruffy with us. I had no idea his presence would change the experience so much.

You know you want it

Mr. Bean says wine is good for you

Refills are *FAAAA-BULOUS*!!!
We all got our food and sat down. A random employee walked by. "Would you like a refill?" We hadn't even taken the paper off our straws yet.

Two bites into our sammiches another random employee came by. "Would anyone like any refills?"

Less than a minute later another McAli-dude walked by and took the cup out of my hands. "I'll refill that for you."

As he was walking away with my cup, another one walked by. "Anybody else?...", she asked. She sounded a little heartbroken. I guess she was looking forward to forcefully refilling a glass or two.

"Scruffy, I need a cardboard cutout of you," I said. "Next time we're here and dry, I'll set it out next to us. They seem to like serving you."

The aggressive McAli-dude returned with my glass. As he walked away, another one appeared from behind him. "Refills?", he hopefully asked.

It was kinda weird. Plus, now I've got this cardboard cutout of Scruffy that I don't know what to do with.

Hm... Ladies? ;)


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