Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'll Meet You In The Bathroom

Hello boys and girls! Are you ready to pound out some code?
At work, I am usually one of the last to arrive every morning. My habit is to wander through the department past everybody's desk and say "hi".

"Good morning, LadyPatsFan."
"Hi, M16."
"Sorry to see you again, Big Dawg."

And so on.

One morning I wandered through, and the Golfer wasn't at his desk. There was a likely explanation, and as luck would have it I needed to use those facilities myself.

I opened up the bathroom door and shouted, "Good morning, Golfer!"

There were four guys in the bathroom. None of them were the Golfer.

Now those guys think they are heros of the workplace for preventing an illicit bathroom rendezvous.



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