Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Short Christmas Stories 1: Beads, Damages

Ooooohhhh.... Pretty....BEADS

My Father-In-Law loves to hot-glue beads to Christmas presents. Last year he beaded up a flat plastic ornament and put it on one of our presents. We kept it, and used it this year on one of his.

Despite the fact that he's the only one to ever hot-glue beads to anything, he didn't realize he was looking at his own creation. He leaned over to my Mother-In-Law and told her, "Oh, isn't that one pretty... we should save that one, it's so pretty..."


After Christmas at my parent's house, my grandfather backed out of the driveway, slid across the street and backed over a neighbor's mailbox.

Instantly, Dad's phone started to ring. Grandpa didn't even notice what he'd done, but the rest of the neighborhood did. "Were you aware that your guest backed over that mailbox?" "Did you see that truck back over [name]'s mailbox?" "I think that guy ran over a mailbox!"

Frankly, I'm shocked it hasn't shown up on youtube yet.


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