Monday, July 19, 2010

Field Of Wifi-Ness

At the office about a week ago, we were talking about network hardware.

Simple, right?Yes, we sit around and casually discuss network infrastructure, scaling, DHCP, VPN, Protocols and Super-cabling. No, I honestly don't know what any of those things mean. Yes, I may have made up that last one. I'm not sure.

*cough* Anyway.

Wireless network devices were discussed. The conversation naturally (?) flowed to mistakes one can make while installing such devices. And somebody (Maarek, I think) suggested, "Just put it in the room somewhere and hope it works."

And sweep the leg, and so onBig Dawg started to giggle. As he spoke, he got more and more animated until his hands were literally circling around his head. By the end, he looked like he was doing the Karate Kid "wax on, wax off" thing on the ceiling.

"You could make a fortune off a device like that. All you have to do is plug it in, ..."

His arms went up in phantom pulling motions. "... and it PULLS electrons out of your PC, ..."

His arms were now up over his head, swirling. "... to make a FIIIEEEEELLLLD of wifi-ness!"

Whip it good!It was too much. The office erupted in laughter. I chimed in. "'Field of Wifi-ness' would make a great name for a nerd rock band."

OoRah leaned in. "I hope they do Devo covers."

Yeah, I think they'd have to.


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