Monday, July 12, 2010

Monkey Squeezle Go Boom

So, who remembers the Monkey Squeezle story?

I has a hinder!

It's a cute little stress ball that P-Ziddy got for me. I took Little Squeezles to work, but he rarely got used as an actual stress relief device. Mostly, he was just decorative.

Last week I grabbed Little Squeezle and gave him an affectionate squish.


His head nearly exploded.

I was pretty shocked... especially when I pulled my hand back and the mighty bulge didn't go away.

It's not a tumah!

There was only one thing to do, of course. I left him on my desk like that. It was 2 days before anyone noticed. Big Dawg and LadyPatsFan noticed within minutes of each other. When I pointed it out to OoRah, his eyes bugged out like a cartoon.

Poor Squeezle. He wound up being much more fun than I would have guessed, but it's time to put him out to pasture. :)


At 9:20 AM, Anonymous P-Ziddy said...

It's not a tumma...

Oh wait. I think it is.

Password today is "ficit". But I don't think you can.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous iCanSpell said...

Alas! Poor Monkey Squeezle. I knew him, Yorik.


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