Friday, February 18, 2011

At The Movies

How many of you have heard of the band "School Gyrls"?

My wife and I went to the movies, and their song "Going to the mall" was playing over the Movie Tunes station before the previews started.

It's a bit repetitive (*cough* *understatement* *cough*). 20 seconds is all you really need to get the general idea. I'm sorry in advance for what this "song" will do to your nerves.

Less than a minute in my wife and I were digging fingernails into the armrests. "This isn't a song," I whined. "This is a melody-vacant abomination!" Around us, heads were nodding in agreement.

About three minutes in, despair had fully enveloped me. As the refrain "Goin' to the mall! Goin' to the mall!" wrapped around for about the 600'th time I loudly pondered, "Gee, I wonder where they're going?"

One teenage girl in the crowd glared at me like I was the devil. She appeared to be the only dissenter.

Don't touch my leg. Seriously. Don't make me call security.
Outside the theater was a life-size cut-out poster of Justin Bieber, advertising his "Never say Never" movie. When we went into our movie, there were two teenage girls standing on either side of him, one arm outstretched, trying to take a cell phone pic of the three of them.

As we left our movie, we passed a lady who was posing her two little girls next to the Bieb-inator. The littlest was probably 4 years old. As the mom steadied her camera, she told the little girl, "Put your arm around his leg."

The 4-year old looked over at Bieber and said, "Ew."

Smart kid. :)


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