Monday, February 07, 2011


Oklahomans have no idea how to prepare for a Blizzard.

And honestly, why would we? They don't call this a "100 year blizzard" because it *lasted* 100 years. (Kinda started to feel like it after a while, though)

The snow dropped on Tuesday. We finally made it to the store Saturday. It was quite a spectacle.

In one store there was a refrigerated compartment full of milk with an employee standing in front of it like a bank guard. "We can't sell this milk, there's something wrong with it, we have to send it back."

Despite her warning, the "I want milk" crowd looked like they might charge.

In another store there was a single lonely half-gallon of soy milk, unwanted and unloved. Poor milk.

I saw a display of Red Diamond Iced Tea next to some empty shelves. I was tempted to load up a cart with nothing but the tea gallons and see what kind of reactions I'd get.

We saw a guy with a shopping cart half full of bananas, and half full of bread. He was being chased by some angry shoppers fresh out of the now-empty bread aisle.

We're pretty well dug out now, but I see more snow in the forecast for Wednesday. Should be interesting, but don't worry about us. If another blizzard comes, we'll have enough iced tea to last at least three weeks.


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