Monday, February 21, 2011

What's In A Name?

One day last week, most of the co-workers in my department went to lunch together. For some reason, names were being discussed. This reminded M16 of a story.

"We had a programming class at my last job," he explained. "The instructor was named 'Mustafa', and he looked and sounded like a terrorist. We were all a little afraid of him."

We all laughed. "So," I pondered, "If you don't properly close your 'FOR' loop, the bomb might go off early?"

Everybody laughed again. Ah, nerd humor.

M16's story reminded me of another, so I shared it. "(former co-worker) Farmer used to work with a guy from India named 'Mahboob'. He said one day Mahboob was out of the office and a little old lady from another department came looking for him. She was angry about something, and when she encountered the empty desk she started shouting "Where's Mahboob? WHERE?!? Where's Mahboob?!?"

My hip hurts! Why?!?
If you don't get that joke, then say it out loud when no kids are around. :) Farmer said he was laughing too hard to give her a helpful reply.

After a while, the boss stood up. "Sorry," he said when he heard the groans. "Somebody's gotta end the party."

As our crowd of more than 20 left, a guy who was trying to come in got stuck holding the door for us. His eyes kept getting wider as more and more of us filed out. It was like clowns out of a rodeo car.

I need a TPS report, stat!
"Is there a fire?", he asked. "A small one," I replied.

"Yeah," agreed OoRah. "It was lit under my hinder when the boss stood up."

The less said about OoRah's hinder, the better.


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