Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Us vs. The Website

At work last week, LadyPatsFan killed the website.

Well, not *exactly* killed it. She pushed out a code change that behaved differently on the live website than it did on the test machines. It happens from time to time. It was a small outage, barely noticed, and fairly easy to fix.

The fun part was her reaction. This was the first time she'd managed to clobber the website, so she went into panic mode. None of the rest of us did.

LadyPatsFan: "It's Down It's Down It's Down What Do I Do It's Down It's Down What Do I Do..."

Jeff: (calmly, grinning) "Well, let's take a quick look at [techie details omitted]."

LadyPatsFan: "That Didn't Work And It's Down And That Didn't Work And Now What Do We Do It's Down It's Down..."

Big Dawg: (calmly, grinning) "OK, then all we need to do is [techie details omitted]."

LadyPatsFan: "I Can't Believe It Went Down I'm Never Touching This Again What Just Happened It's Down It's Down..."

While LadyPatsFan struggled to get her breathing under control, Big Dawg and I swapped old war stories.

"Remember that time Farmer came sprinting to my desk because he uploaded the wrong homepage?"

"Yeah... remember when I accidentally assigned my name to all the user accounts on the site?"

"Ha! Good times."

For the rest of the day, every time I walked past LadyPatsFan's desk I said "Hey there, Killer."

Ha! Good times.


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