Monday, November 21, 2011

Colin And Brad I Love You

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (from Whose Line is it Anyway?) brought their improv comedy show back to Tulsa!

They were here in February of 2007, and I wrote up a review. The show was different this time, because, well, you know... improv.

I won't bother with an exhaustive review this time, because I have to tell you about LadyPatsFan. She and her husband were in the audience and GOT CALLED UP ON STAGE! It was pretty grand. They did a "game show" skit with the guys where they just moved their mouths and Colin / Brad supplied the voices.

LadyPatsFan's character was Penelope, a "Part-time Pilates Instructor and full-time alcoholic." They had her breaking out into song and dancing around in stumbling circles.

Her husband's character was a "Life Cheerleader" - cheering for people who feel down and need a boost. Colin started up a generic "rah! rah! rah!" cheer, which LadyPatsFan's husband illustrated by pumping one arm and otherwise standing perfectly still. He looked like he was pulling the horn on an 18-wheeler.

My duty was clear. I sent email to everybody in my office. On Monday, with any luck, everybody will be calling LadyPatsFan "Penelope." Also, everybody will be cheering with one arm.

Monday should be fun. :)


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