Monday, October 31, 2011

Tee Hee, A Key

Sometimes Big Dawg gets histerically giddy for little or no reason. It's like watching a cartoon character. Usually the words "Heeee! Heee-heeee-heeeee-heeee! Heeee-heee!" are involved.

This... [dramatic pause]... is one of those times.

There was a random office conversation going on. A group of us standing around, talking about Battlestar Galactica (and other such important issues).

Big Dawg pulled his keys out of his pocket, looked down, and laughed. "Heeeee! Heee-heee-heeee-heeeeee!"

In reply, we all looked at him oddly. Still giggling, he held his handfull of keys out to me, indicating that I should look. He pointed at one key in particular.

I looked. "That's a key," I agreed. "Most of the time those aren't funny."

Undeterred, Big Dawg pointed again. "It's hard to see in this light, but there's a little indented pattern on the key that I'd never noticed before. It's like a little key-man flexing..."

Big Dawg quickly gave a little demonstration-flex, just in case I had never seen it done before. Then, "It made me think, is this supposed to be a key to...", he flexed again, "... a strong-box? What's in the strong-box? Money? Secrets? Is that where they keep the really good drugs?"

I kept my voice as deadpan as possible. "No, I get the impression you already found *that* box."

"Heeee! Heee-heee-heeee-heeee!"

I work with a cartoon character, folks. I couldn't be happier. :)


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