Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Evil Overlord

Scruffy: My influence at work is growing. I'm being placed in the Workstation Admin group.

Me: Excellent! That means you could take Plants vs. Zombies and push it out to everybody's computer!

Time to get some work done...
Scruffy: Uh... no, we wouldn't do that.

Me: I don't know why you wouldn't. That would be the very first thing I'd do.

Scruffy: Even if we did, that would be a different group.

Me: There should totally be a Plants vs. Zombies distribution group. Everybody should have one.

Scruffy: (stunned silence)

Me: So, anti-virus updates? Windows Updates? That sort of thing?

Scruffy: No, that would be a different group. We won't actually push any software out to anybody.

Me: So... what kind of group are you?

One Beeeeee-lion Windows Updates
Scruffy: We'll be the ones who discuss and plan how everybody's computers should function. What programs and what versions of programs to use, that sort of thing.

Me: So, you're not actually practical in any way?

Scruffy: No.

Me: But you'll be in an "Evil Overlord" sort of role?

Scruffy: (grinning big) Yes.

Me: Oh... oh that's wonderful.

Plus, I think I'd look good in tights
"Scruffy the Evil Overlord". That would look beautiful on a business card. Plus, he can keep Plants vs. Zombies all to himself.


I wanna be an Evil Overlord. Dangit.


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