Monday, September 19, 2011

Full Metal Jeff

I was having a conversation with OoRah, discussing a co-worker who was being a little difficult.
What is my major malfunction?... I have to pick just one?...

Me: "... yeah, he's kinda full of it today."
OoRah: "That's OK. I just need to know what everybody is full of so I know how to treat them. You treat a jelly donut different than a plain one."
[long pause]
Me: "I love you."
OoRah: "I'm sure that was meant in a brotherly way."
Me: "Yeah, sure, close enough."

I shared that conversation with P-Ziddy, which resulted in...

P-Ziddy: ROFL
P-Ziddy: Some day you should watch Full Metal Jacket just so you will realize how fine the knife edge you walk daily really is
Me: I laughed so hard at that, I literally choked. I'm blue-faced... wow.
P-Ziddy: Excellent
P-Ziddy: I had to work my way into that blog post SOME how

P-Ziddy's motivations are a bit transparent, sometimes. :)

In any case, this led to a discussion about the movie "Full Metal Jacket". OoRah told me about the bit where Private Pyle shoots his drill instructor, which led to...

I don't wear a hat this big... but I should
OoRah: ... and that's what P-Ziddy was trying to warn you about.
Me: But I don't wear a hat that big.
OoRah: And I don't have suicidal thoughts.
Me: We're obviously all wrong for each other.
Big Dawg: I think you're lying to yourselves.

Big Dawg *might* be inside my head a little. Darn him.


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