Friday, September 09, 2011

Danger Scenarios

Hi! Can I shoot you?!? Please?!?
At work, a group of us were talking about danger scenarios (I don't remember why).

OoRah happily informed us, "As part of my Marine training, I have a plan to kill every person I meet."

I acted like I was making a list and did my best OoRah impersonation. "Let me make a list of Jeff's weaknesses... hm... there are too many..."

Big Dawg joined in. "My escape plan involves having at least one person behind me."

There was much amusement and general agreement with the strategy.

I have a sensitive tummy
Of course, Big Dawg is, well... big. So he continued, "Given my speed, most of those plans involve wrestling moves."

There was much more amusement as his plan began to resemble something that just might work.

Then, he went for the home run. "If 'King Hippo' does it on Punch-Out, I'm willing to give it a try."

While we gasped with laughter, Big Dawg alternated arms, raising and lowering them just like the old 8-bit video game character used to.

Now all Big Dawg needs is a band-aid for his belly.


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