Monday, August 15, 2011

Salad Dressing

The little plastic wazzit at the top of a salad dressing bottle is important. It keeps the salad dressing from coming out all at once.

Yeah, like that. *sigh*

I stirred my lettuce soup around a bit, hoping to get the biggest puddles to slosh down at the bottom of the bowl. I was able to eat a little of it, but...

... I eventually had to stop.

My wife laughed for a very long time.

I pointed at her glass. "Do you need a refill?" She hopped up out of her chair. "Yes, but I'll get it."

During cleanup, I reached for the dish soap. "You'd better let me," she said. While grinning.

During yardwork, I tried to put gas in the lawn mower. "Don't touch that!"

*sigh* Stupid salad dressing.


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