Monday, August 08, 2011

Iced Coffee

You know you want me, baby
I admit I've always been kinda standoff-ish about iced coffee. Coffee is supposed to be hot, right? It's not proper coffee unless you have to blow on it before you can drink it. Caffeine doesn't even *work* unless it is administered through scorch marks in your flesh, right?

And then my wife showed up one day with a package of Starbucks "Via". Instant Iced Coffee. Even better? Mine was caramel-flavored. OK, now I *have* to try it.

I gave it a try. It was like angels singing in my mouth. It made me want to dance and sing, except I knew that if I tried to sing I'd spew cool brown water all over the kitchen. And that if I tried to dance I'd throw my hip out of joint. Again. *sigh*

This is the kinda stuff that superlatives were invented for.

The only problem is that it's Starbucks. That means there are only 5 packets in the box and we had to take out a loan to afford it.

If I ever win the lottery, I'm trying this stuff again!


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