Monday, August 01, 2011

Headphones Theft

Free to a felonious home
Well, I had small crisis at the office a few weeks ago. My headphones (earbuds) went missing.

It's possible that they got knocked off into the trash, or misplaced. It's more likely that a janitor ran off with them.

I wasn't too concerned because the earbuds were showing their age anyway. Plus, I'd just been given a Best Buy gift card. Even so, I figured I should warn the others against leaving things laying around.

I got everybody's attention and announced, "Somewhere out there, a janitor is enjoying my earwax."

I will *not* be using this laundromat again
Eventually the conversation wound around to preventative measures. "We should set up video surveillance", M16 suggested.

"Or we could just get a department Rottweiler," I said.

Somebody (can't remember who) suggested an exploding dye pack. "They put in the earbuds and *poof*!"

I liked the idea. "Hey, you with the purple ear! Get back over here!"

I'm not sure anything was actually resolved, but I do like my new earbuds.


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