Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art For Auntie

On my side of the family, we have a very sweet Auntie who is 85 years old. My mother decided it would be nice to have the grandkids (my niece and nephews) color pictures for her.

Mom's instructions were simple. "You color the pictures, I'll mail them to Auntie."

My art is
my life
My niece (9 years old) chose to color in a squirrel.

She signed the picture, and then wrote on it:

"Auntie... you're the nuts!"

I love it. This is going to be my standard "Attaboy" response from now on.

"Hey OoRah... nice job on those TPS reports. You're the nuts!"

"Officer, thanks for chasing down that mugger. You're the nuts!"

"Thanks for remembering my birthday, Honey. You're the nuts!"

Oh, this is gonna be fun. :)


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