Monday, August 29, 2011

The A/C Hero

brb... Spongebob's on!
"I think he thought he was wearing a cape."

That's how my wife described the A/C repairman who came out to our house recently.

We have a leak and we know it, but it'll take (potentially) a couple of days for them to fix it. We've been big Freon consumers this season.

Anyway, the repairman was an enthusiastic optimist who confused easily. "You have a leak?," he pondered. "Why do you only want Freon?"

My wife pointed out that it's still summer, still 100 degrees out, and two days without A/C is not a good option at this point. "But it might not take that long to find the leak," he protested. "Let me up in your attic."

He pulled the string on the bottom of our attic stairs. "Poink!" The string broke. He stood there a minute, just staring at the limp strands. "Uh... Sorry."

He tossed the string aside and stretched for half that was still attached. Stairs down, he bounded up like Spiderman leaping into a burning building.

Plus I think I got a splinter
Two seconds later, he bounded back down the stairs. "It's *hot* up there!", he exclaimed. He was unblinking, gasping, and bathed in sweat.

"Well yeah," my wife said. "Didn't anybody ever tell you that attics get hot in summer?"


We got our Freon and the A/C Hero left, no doubt rushing off to share his new wisdom with the masses.

"Attics get hot in the summer! Pass it on!"


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