Monday, September 12, 2011

Slapping The Giraffe

My wife and I went to the zoo with Scruffy. There were a couple of amusing moments. It started near the front gate, where they had a giraffe doing a "Blues Brothers" impersonation.

Cute, right? But that wasn't the highlight... there was a kid in front of that poster, a boy. He was slappin' that giraffe like it had cussed his mamma. "WHAM!" "WHAM!" "WHAM!" He even looked angry. I wish I hadn't missed the pic, because it was hysterical.

Later, in the Rain Forest exhibit, Scruffy pointed out a tray of lettuce on the floor. A rat-squirrel thing (it probably has a more scientific name than "rat-squirrel") was eating from the tray.

A little girl nearby asked, "What's it eating?" "Lettuce." The girl asked, "What are those things in with the lettuce?"

I helpfully replied, "I think it's some kind of Italian dressing."

Her wide-eyed expression of amazement was more than I ever could have hoped for.

The zaniest thing was when a couple of teenage boys approached Scruffy and said, "Will you take our picture with this cell phone?" One thing led to another and... well...

Later, Scruffy tried to explain. I told him I didn't want to know.


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