Monday, October 10, 2011


I always have my umbrella with me when I get coffee. Always.
At work there's a coffee vending machine in the break area one floor above my office.

I went to get a cuppa. There were some entirely average normal-looking ladies I didn't know sitting there in the break area. I nodded at them.

In reply, one of them belched so loudly that it knocked me backwards and singed my eyebrows. The others all laughed as if a very impolite joke had just been told. Which, I guess it kinda did.

I relayed the story to OoRah. He told me about a girl he knew in college who could belch louder than anybody he's met before or since.

"I'm not saying there's no female burping talent to be found," I explained. "It was just a bit unexpected."

Plus, now I gotta wait for my eyebrows to grow back.

Weird day.


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