Friday, September 30, 2011

Wild Wild West

It is very difficult to find "chaps" pictures that wouldn't work as the punchline of a Brokeback Mountain joke.
Cowboy mentioned that he's having a party at his place. He does this annually, and calls it his "Fall-Fest". In years past he's had an "80's" theme, a "Bad Sweater" theme, and a "Funny T-Shirt" theme. The theme this year is "Wild Wild West."

I told him, "I can't do that. See, I have a pair of chaps, but nothing I can wear under them."

Web Ninja was nearby, and his reaction was pure gold. A full-body shudder, an "urp" noise, and loss of color in his face. It was everything an amateur comedian can hope for.

By the way, I do not actually own any chaps. Just in case you were worried.


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