Monday, October 24, 2011

Code Monkey

My buddy P-Ziddy sent me a link to this most excellent shirt you can buy over at ThinkGeek.

I was still cackling insanely when Big Dawg walked around the corner. "Lookit!", I pointed.

Big Dawg smiled happily. "That would be a great shirt for all of us to order and wear on the same day."

I agreed. "When people ask, 'What's up the Programmers today?', we could politely explain, 'Ah-Ooh!-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah-ooka!'"

Along with the monkey noises, I flailed my arms wildly and rocked back and forth.

As responses go, I figure it wouldn't *quite* answer the question. However, I think it would put a stop any future questions. In my book, that amounts to pretty much the same thing.


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous P-Ziddy said...

Everything that needs to be said.


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