Monday, November 07, 2011

Thin Mint Enforcer

Unholy. Addictive. Come get some.
Last year, around "Girl Scout Cookie" time, Big Dawg bought a case of Thin Mints. Then, because he knows how much self-control he has (none), he set me up as his Thin Mint Enforcer.

I locked the addictive goodies in a desk drawer. My task is to give him one box of cookies per month. In exchange for my services, he gave me one free box of Thin Mints (I bribe easily).

The pattern has always been that on the last day of the month, I hang around until after Big Dawg leaves for the day. Then, I put a box of Thin Mints in a drawer of his desk. When comes into work on the first of the month, he knows to open his desk drawer. The happy dance soon follows.

Able to leap tall paperclips in a single bound!
Last Monday was October 31st, and I shook things up a bit. I snuck a box of cookies into his desk drawer while he was in the bathroom. Then, I sent him an email that simply said, "I put a thing in the place."

Big Dawg returned, sat down, then saw my email.

From over the cube wall I heard him muttering... "Thing in the place... thing in the place... thing in the.... OH! THING IN THE PLACE! WHOO-HOO!"

A thing in the place
The desk drawer slammed shut, and Big Dawg headed off to put his bounty in the break room freezer (cold Thin Mints are the best!). He danced all along the way.

After he left work that day, I took his cookies out of the break room freezer and put them back in his desk drawer.

'cause I gotta be me. :)


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