Wednesday, November 02, 2011


This hunting season, OoRah is growing a beard.

He told me, "I was talking to my wife and oldest daughter... I said, 'If I shoot a doe, I'll shave this down to a goatee. If I shoot a buck, I'll shave it all off. But if [oldest daughter] shoots a deer before I do, I'll shave my head.'"

Oldest Daughter's reply was swift. "No you won't!"

OoRah grinned big at this point in the story. "You know what that means, right?", he asked me. "She's finally at an age where I can embarrass her in public. YES!"

He did a fist pump and everything. When I finally got my laughter under control, I said "This is a glorious time for you. Enjoy it!"

OoRah cackled. "Oh, I plan to."

"It's like your golden years, only without the arthritis."


I'm so glad he's not my dad.


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