Monday, December 05, 2011

The Terror Of Tiny Town

At Thanksgiving this year, one of my uncles asked if I'd ever seen The Terror Of Tiny Town. It's a 1938 B-Movie Western with an all-midget cast.

It was a little like the "are you hungry" conversation in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. ("Are you hungry?" "No." "OK, I'll fix you something to eat.") Before I knew what had happened, my uncle promised to mail me the DVD.

When the movie arrived, I knew I was in for something special. Just look at that cover! "Little Guys" on Shetland ponies? NOW it's a party!

I showed the DVD box to my wife and said, "Well, I guess we ought to watch it." She replied, "I'll be out Saturday morning, *you* can watch it then."

My wife is wise.

Check out this note on the back of the DVD box...

"... routinely cited as one of the strangest movies ever made." This is one of their big selling points. What could go wrong?

It was pretty special. Paper-thin plot! Horrendously bad acting! Forbidden love!

The ponies are the only things in the movie that are downsized for the cast. They are tiny cowboys with big attitudes in an over-sized world. Oh, and there's a lot of singing. It kinda hurts.

Thankfully, the movie is as short as its actors (just over an hour). If you enjoy watching awful B-Movies... well, even then this one will test you. :)


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