Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Big Dawg was late coming into work one morning. His "Gonna be late" email simply said, "Laundry Catastrophe".

Turns out he had forgotten to do laundry the night before. So, he did laundry in the morning. When his nice clean clothes came out of the dryer, he put the full laundry basket in the middle of his living room. Then he dumped his entire breakfast plate into it.

Toast, eggs, and jelly. Apparently there was not even a single drop on the floor. Well done!

Naturally, this could not be ignored. My wife came home the next day with a jar of Jelly. "It's for Big Dawg," she said. She couldn't stop giggling.

I went to work and delivered our little "gift".

I know what you're thinking: That man has impeccable taste in drinking glasses. Oh, and you might also be wondering a bit about the sticky note. Let me zoom in on it...

"Keep away from clean laundry."

Wish him luck. :)


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