Monday, July 26, 2010

Afflicted Sausages

Just what my morning needed!"We love you, SweetLady!"

"Are you just saying that because I brought breakfast?"

[pause] "*AND* you brought breakfast?!?"


The Administrative Assistant for our department at work is a very sweet lady. She brought breakfast for the department one day last week.

There were donuts and sausage rolls as far as the eye could see. The sausage rolls were wrapped in thin rice paper. About half of them were marked with the letter "P".

Unmarked... could be dangerous...This sparked some discussion of what the "P" might indicate. After some thought, OoRah suggested, "Pork."

I had doubts. "I bet it stands for 'Pony'."

OoRah looked at me like I was crazy. "No. I think it's 'Pittsburgh'."

SWoaN took a bite of one. "I think it's got cheese in it."

"Ah," I said. The mystery was solved. "'P' stands for 'Cheese'."

Spicy... on a steeeeckLater, we found out what the 'P' actually stood for. Each of the Afflicted Sausages (good name for a rock band?) had a near-microscopic green bit that smelled faintly of jalapeño. One bit per sausage, literally.

Obviously, as P-Ziddy suggested, the 'P' stands for sPicy.


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