Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New York Jets Sensitivity Training

I'm hawt but only TV viewers are allowed to notice.
You may have heard the story already... an attractive female reporter went to visit the NFL's New York Jets. Some of the players (and allegedly even some of the coaches) verbally harassed her. I'm thinking it was something of the "Hey hot stuff!" variety, although perhaps a bit more colorful.

As a result, this week the Jets are headed off to "Sensitivity Training". Those of us in the real world know what that means... sexual harassment training!

I've shared a story about this subject once before... we were crammed into a room like sardines and then told about the evils of inappropriate touching.

Another good one involves a gentleman who I will not name... a female co-worker and I walked into the meeting area fairly late. There was one seat open next to him, so he gestured to her and bellowed, "You're cute! You can sit next to me!" It was a great way to start off a harassment meeting.

I'm desperately amused that NFL players are going to have to endure the same sort of condescending "This is not a frat house" speeches that the rest of us get to enjoy. I'm a little surprised that it hasn't happened before now. But I'm simply dumbfounded by one of the "ad words" on the page I linked to up above.

In Farsi, the phrase "please don't sue" loosely translates to "please don't stone me"
Near the bottom of the article, Mike Ditka is quoted saying that the reporter "wears tight jeans". The words "tight jeans" are underlined. I moused over the words, and an ad came up offering to teach me how to speak Farsi.

I had no idea tight jeans were marketed out of Iran. I bet they're high quality, but you void your warranty unless you zip them in the direction of Mecca.

That was very insensitive of me.



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