Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Image Voices

Can you see me? I need to be seen!
Can you see me? I need to be seen!
Recently OoRah sent an email to all of his fellow programmers in the office. Without any context, he gave us a link to a web page he was working on. "Please click this," he said, "and let me know if the image at the top shows up."

I've certainly seen stranger requests. I clicked his link. The expected image showed up with no problem.

I was about to reply to his email when I heard the office conversation start up. Folks who sit close to him were turning around in their seats. OoRah was explaining the problem he was trying to track down.

Context is for losers
Context is for losers
Legitimate context. PAH! I had no time for such nonsense. I got up and drifted over to the conversation. As I walked by I said;

"When I look at the image I hear the voice of the Beast, but other than that it's fine."

OoRah is usually pretty quick with witty comebacks, but he sputtered a long time after that one. :)


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