Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Dawg Hit Me

And I was all like, "Owz!, dude."

Here's how it went down. We were in an office, but not the one where we both work. It was time to go home for the day.

I wish I could get *my* hair to do that
I wish I could get *my* hair to do that

Princess Leia tries a new hair color
Princess Leia tries a new hair color
Big Dawg stood up and put on some headphones. They covered his ears and poof'ed out so much that it looked like he had Princess Leia hair. As he walked past my desk, I stuck one hand way up in the air, palm out, waiting.

He had walked completely past me when he noticed the hand. Grinning, Big Dawg turned around and raced over to me. He high-five'd my upturned hand so hard that he knocked me out of my chair.

At that point, I woke up with my wife's elbow in my side. "You need to roll over!", she protested. Oops.

When I went into work that morning I walked over to Big Dawg's desk. "I had a dream with you in it," I told him. Big Dawg's eyes widened in horror.

"You're gonna love it, because you got to hit me."

Big Dawg's smile nearly split his face in half. "Awesome!", he shouted. "Why did I hit you? Can I do it again?!?"

Sure, why not? :)


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous P-Ziddy said...

Thanks to Jamie Kennedy, I will never be able to think of Lego Leia the same way ever again.


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