Friday, September 03, 2010

Ice Cream Man For The Win

Recently, my wife's brother and his bride visited the parents to deliver some happy news. Our Sister-In-Law is pregnant!

Obviously, there was much rejoicing. Father-In-Law (FIL) decided that they needed a family picture with the four of them to mark the occasion.

The only problem was that they needed someone to take the picture. Not to worry, said FIL, he would go across the street and get a neighbor to come over and help.

To the rescue!Neighbor Guy wasn't home. FIL was dejected, until he heard the familiar little tune of an approaching ice cream truck.

FIL jumped into the street and waved for the ice cream man to stop. "Will you come in and take our picture?", he begged.

Moments later, FIL walked into the house with the ice cream man following. MIL was shocked. "Can I help you?..."

"This is my friend,...", FIL began. Then, he looked behind him. "What was your name again?" Ice Cream Man started to speak, but FIL cut him off. "He's going to take our picture!"

After snapping a few pictures, Ice Cream Man also got to dust the top of some tall cabinets, change the oil in FIL's car and re-tar a section of the roof. FIL tipped him 5 dollars.

Thank you, Ice Cream Man!


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