Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Big Dawg moved recently, and his pet cat isn't used to the new place yet. The poor 'fraidy-cat is terrified of all the new noises.

Kitty scares easily
The cat gets scared when the air conditioner turns on.

He's afraid of voices from the hallway.

He's scared by the motorized automatic litter box.

He panics when the air conditioner turns *off*.

He's mortified by the window washers outside.

Basically, the only thing Big Dawg's cat does not fear is Big Dawg himself. The best part of the story-telling involved Big Dawg mimicking his cat's movements... such a large man should not be able to so easily imitate feline grace. I think he practices in a mirror.

Like this, only more cat-ish
SWoaN suggested Big Dawg get some earplugs for his cat, so he won't hear all the evil noises around him. I started to laugh. "Now I have a mental picture of your cat with huge noise cancelling headphones, overbalanced so he's walking with his hind legs up in the air."

Just then, OoRah wandered over into the conversation. I greeted him warmly. "So, airborne cat hinder got your attention?"

I shouldn't be so mean. He'll probably kill me in my sleep some day.


At 8:54 AM, Anonymous P-Ziddy said...

Dead man hobbling.


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