Monday, October 18, 2010

Bubble Wrap

So life-like... easily mistakable for the real thing...
Have you seen these little devices? It's a Bubble Wrap Keychain... those little buttons make a "pop" that's supposed to sound just like bubble wrap.

OoRah's got one of those things. The battery and/or the speaker on it is in pretty bad shape, so it sounds more like a whispered "thip" than a "pop". Somehow this just makes the toy even funnier.

OoRah leaned over my cubical wall a few days ago with the keychain in hand. He grinned down at me while pushing near-silent buttons. "I'm popping bubbles!", he gleefully announced.

With tremendous enthusiasm, I pointed at him and shouted "You *GO*, girl!"

I have no idea why he lets me live.


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