Friday, October 15, 2010

Stories From The Carpenter

A month ago, a guy crashed his car into our house. Last week, a carpenter came out to start the meaningful repair work. He told a couple of amusing stories.

The bar needs work? I'M ON IT!
His first story was about remodeling a bar. He said;

"I was hired to help remodel a bar, but I wasn't allowed to work when the bar was open. So I'd have to work all night.

"I told all my friends that they wouldn't be able to reach me, that I was hanging out at the bar all night. I didn't tell any of them *why*."

Hm... He's got just a bit of a comedian's mean streak. I like him. :)

His second story was about a rich lady's house. He said;

"20 years or so back, I was working on this rich old lady's house. She wandered around most of the time while I worked, talking to me.

I can do it... I can do ANYTHING
"Then she asked, 'Can you come inside? I've got a cabinet door that sticks.' I'm not supposed to do that, but she kept asking, and they were paying me a lot of money, so I said yes.

"She thanked me and said, 'My husband can't fix it... he's useless.' I got in there and it was an easy fix. She just kept saying, 'My husband just can't do anything with his hands... my husband's useless...' and so on. I finally asked her, 'What does your husband do?'

"'Oh, he's a surgeon.'"


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