Monday, October 04, 2010

Photoshop Jeff... Mustache Me

OK, so I don't even remember how the idea came up. I just remember Big Dawg giggling and saying, "Now I have a mental picture of you with a villainous twisty mustache!"

We cackled at the idea a bit, and he said, "If you make that your next Photoshop Jeff, I'll *totally* make one for you!"

Oh really? I have my doubts... Big Dawg has never once provided a Photoshop Jeff pic, despite saying more than once that he was thinking about doing it.

In any case, the theme doesn't get much easier than this. Put a mustache on me. And any other props that seem appropriate.

Click into that picture (or use this link) to get a larger size. You'll be at my Flickr account, so you can even grab previous Photoshop Jeff images and use them if you'd rather.

UPDATE: I typo'd my own email address! Email address has been corrected...

When you're done, send your image to jeff.w.mcclung @ If you send it, I'll post it... with the possible exception of Hitler mustaches. I reserve the right to misplace those. :)

And in case you have a few minutes to kill, here's some previous Photoshop Jeff pics for you to browse.

Have fun!



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